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Cancer Patients in Bolivia Now Have More Access to Radiation Therapy

Cancer Patients in Bolivia Now Have More Access to Radiation Therapy

What happens to pre-owned Linear Accelerators?

In one week, a new radiation oncology clinic in Bolivia will begin using its new linear accelerator (Varian 6EX) to treat cancer patients, giving millions of people in need access to modern and lifesaving technology. This clinic is only one of six in the entire nation of 11 million people, and it will begin operations due to its partnership with R.O.S.!

Bolivia is a country in desperate need of better and more widespread cancer treatment.  In a comprehensive study of cancer in Latin America done by The Economist, Bolivia scored the lowest on their Cancer Control scorecard (which serves as a metric of comparison regarding the control and access to cancer treatment). The country scored a 7 out of 30. In fact, access to cancer treatment is so poor in Bolivia, that the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association), has instituted an official project to improve Bolivian cancer treatment and prevention efforts.

Now, there is one more clinic, one more point of access for the people of Bolivia to receive the treatment they need to live healthier and longer lives. R.O.S. is extremely proud to have been able to help make a difference for the Bolivian people and humanity at large, through the sale and installation of the Varian Linear Accelerator.

The physician who started this new clinic previously worked with the only linear accelerator in his area and saw the immediate need for increased availability of radiology oncology treatments. In deciding to break off on his own and start a new facility, he knew he needed someone he could trust, with similar values, by his side. That’s how he knew R.O.S. was the right group to contact. He knew we have a mission to provide lifesaving cancer treatment to those who have little access to it. He knew that we would care about this project just as much as he did.

We sincerely hope that this device will serve as a stepping stone towards better and more widespread care in this nation with desperate demand for it. With more resources in their native country, more doctors will likely return home to practice medicine, rather than need to seek employment elsewhere in the world, and we hope that this catalyzes change in the quality of medical care available for Bolivians.

Here’s to better cancer treatment for all and a more cancer free world!

R.O.S. would like to thank the dozens of hospitals and clinics in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia that chose to recycle their pre-owned equipment, by working with companies like ours.