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Why You Should Contact R.O.S. First if you Plan to Trade-In Your Equipment to an OEM

Why You Should Contact R.O.S. First if you Plan to Trade-In Your Equipment to an OEM

Our recent Refurbished Medical Equipment Survey results indicate a trend that we have been seeing for some time now. More and more hospitals and clinics in the United States are opting to trade in their used equipment to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), rather than selling them outright in the open market.

Let’s face it. For many hospitals, trading in equipment is a much easier process than selling or consigning a machine. Just like trading in a car when you buy or lease a new one, you let the Seller take care of the headaches. After all, isn’t one transaction a lot easier than two? Selling equipment often involves dealing with multiple buyers, the headaches of not knowing the professionalism and reputation of each, and that can put you and your facility at risk. So why deal with all the hassle?

Here are several things you should know:

1. Many OEMs seek to remove and scrap their equipment to keep it out of circulation. After all, used equipment provides ammunition for third party service/maintenance companies to take away profitable service contracts from many OEMs. They also provide the market with cheaper replacement parts for used machines that take new parts sales away from OEMs.

2. R.O.S. is in the business of putting used equipment into places it is needed the most, including: Mexico & the Caribbean, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Africa. Without the ability to purchase equipment from the OEMs and from hospitals directly, many of these markets, and the patients they serve, suffer.

3. R.O.S. has a different approach. As a major buyer of medical equipment systems from OEMs and Leasing Companies (machines that include CT Scanners, MRI Systems, and Linear Accelerators, and PET/CT), it’s important to find out from Hospitals directly, what equipment is being traded in long before the transaction takes place. We will work with the OEMs to ensure that the used equipment we purchase will be going to a worthy cause, and not to be used to take profitable business away.This is why you might get a phone call or e-mail from ROS, asking you about your equipment, even if you plan on trading it in.

Advance knowledge of your equipment allows us to:

1. Notify the OEM well in advance that we may have an interest in purchasing from them

2. This information could spell a higher trade in value for your hospital

3. Longer lead times allow us to prepare for removal and relocation with the lead times necessary to work in developing countries

So next time you receive a call or e-mail, even if you don’t plan on selling your equipment and trading it in, it doesn’t hurt to let R.O.S. know. You might be saving a life down the road.

Contact R.O.S. if you have questions: Call us (858) 454-8100 or email us Info@OncologySystems.com

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