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How Much is my Medical Equipment Worth?

How Much is my Medical Equipment Worth?

When the time has come to depart with your Diagnostic Imaging or Radiation Therapy equipment, you will be faced with several options: selling, consigning, removing & disposing, trade-in or auction. The pros and cons of each option are examined more closely in our Seller’s Guide, along with additional tips to maximize the value of your used equipment.


Regardless of the option you choose, you will first want to establish the Fair Market Value (FMV) for your equipment. This will determine what your equipment is worth.

Here is a short checklist of information that will help you secure your equipment’s current value:

GE.png Key equipment information: manufacturer, model, date of manufacture, etc.

quote.png Original manufacturer’s quote, if you have it

-camera.png Photos of equipment, software and accessories

computer.jpg  Software options and upgrades

 Major Repairs

 Age of major component upgrades

  Confirmation of existing service (this is important to ensure the equipment will be acceptable under a continuing                       service agreement)

information.jpg Usage information (mAs, slice counts, gantry rotations, scan seconds, beam hours)

option.jpg   Accessories and options that come with the equipment (chiller, injector, flat table, lasers etc.)

-camera.png  Current cosmetic condition

contact_information.jpg   Names and contact information of personnel who can provide technical details about the equipment

costs_icon.jpg If possible, the cost that the manufacturer will charge for the re-licensing or re-registration of the software to a                        new owner

When seeking a FMV, it is always best to contact an organization with background and knowledge about the equipment you are selling; one that tracks recent transactions for comparable equipment across the industry.

*Contact us today to request a FMV for your specific equipment.

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