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What Everybody Ought to Know About Buying a Used GE CT Scanner

What Everybody Ought to Know About Buying a Used GE CT Scanner

A GE CT scanner is highly sought after on the used equipment market. Rightfully so, GE naturally creates a great product. A GE CT scanner will enter the used equipment market less than other manufactured products. This is due to the longevity of the units and costs of replacement parts are less expensive.

For example, a GE x-ray tube will cost less due to its compatibility with aftermarket tubes manufactured by third party companies such as Varian and Dunlee. Since x-ray tubes on CT scanners need to be replaced often, the cost to own a GE CT scanner is less than another manufacturer’s product. It’s no wonder why customers hold onto their GE CT scanners longer.


What are the most popular used GE CT scanner models?

GE_single_slice_scanner.jpg  Single-slice scanners: CT/i, LX/i, DX/I, FX/i, ZX/i

GE_Dual_Slice_Scanner.jpg Dual-slice scanners: NX/i

GE_Lightspeed_Plus_4_slice.jpg 4-slice scanners: QX/i, LightSpeed Plus

GE_ultra_8_ct_scanner.jpg 8-slice scanner: Ultra 8

GE_Lightspeed_16_slice.jpg 16-slice scanners: LightSpeed Pro, LightSpeed 16-slice

GE_VCT_64_slice.jpg 64-slice scanner: VCT 64-slice

A GE 4-slice CT scanner is a popular option among veterinary clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. Its low cost, but high performance makes it ideal for a lower throughput setting.

A GE 4-slice CT scanner will have either the Octane or the Xtreme console. The Octane console has a reconstruction time of 2.5 seconds per image, while the Xtreme console reconstructs at 10 images per second. The Xtreme console basically reconstructs images in real-time.

The Octane console can hold 20,000 images while the Xtreme console can hold 250,000 images. Most GE LightSpeed 16-slice CT scanners will come with an Xtreme console. If you want a newer and more powerful console than the Xtreme, then the GE VCT 64-slice is the way to go.

What’s it going to cost me?

Pricing for a GE CT scanner can vary considerably depending on market availability. However, as a general guideline this is what you can expect for an installed unit with a functional warranty:

•GE QX/i: $99,000
• GE LightSpeed Plus: $129,000
• GE Ultra 8-slice: $155,000
• GE LightSpeed 16-slice: $195,000

A GE CT scanner can be sold “used”, meaning it’s de-installed, transported and installed in its new location without undergoing any form of refurbishment. In most cases if the system has been maintained by a reputable service organization and has undergone maintenance protocols, buying used can be a good option.

Refurbishment options?

Refurbishment is always a good option if your budget allows. Equipment that undergoes refurbishment generally has a longer life expectancy and higher resale value.

A CT scanner can be mechanically or cosmetically refurbished. A mechanical refurbishment will include the following: inspect the current condition of the equipment, service or replace parts, and run all final quality analysis testing to meet OEM specifications. A cosmetic refurbishment can include new paint, sanding and fiberglass work, among other aesthetic touch-ups.

Many customers are choosing a full refurbishment option of cosmetic and mechanical, which will allow for the manufacturer or ISO certified service organization to inspect the unit and determine if the hardware and software can be upgraded and if the serviceable parts will be available over the next 5 years.

Regardless if you choose to refurbish or not, always get a service contract. You will have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. As with any system purchase, do your research, and let me know if you need guidance.

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