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Featured Product: The Newest Varian iX Currently on the Secondary Market

Featured Product: The Newest Varian iX Currently on the Secondary Market

The Varian iX linear accelerator (LINAC) provides targeted treatment for your oncology patients. This advanced model is capable of disrupting cancer cells without harming the surrounding normal tissue. It features tumor-targeting technology that can be used on any area of the body appropriate for radiation therapy. In addition, it offers versatile imaging options that help clinicians better care for their patients with both short-term and long-term treatments. It has the ability to receive future upgrades to stay on top of cutting-edge technology, and with a variety of patient treatment options, it’s a smart investment for dynamic health care providers. This state-of-the-art linear accelerator is available as a pre-owned system from Radiology Oncology Systems. This particular Varian iX unit has been meticulously inspected to ensure it meets manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures that the equipment functions reliably and continues to provide high-quality radiation treatment for every patient. This iX model was manufactured in 2012 and is the newest Varian iX currently on the secondary market.


  • Manufactured in 2012
  • OBI (KV – On Board Imager) v.1.5.2
  • CBCT (Cone Beam CT) v. 1.5.2
  • aS500-II Portal Vision with E-Arm v. 7.5
  • Millennium 120 leaf MLC v. 7.4
  • IMRT Software (dMLC & AFS)
  • 6&10 MV Photon Energies; 6,9,12,16, 20 MeV Electron Energies
  • 4DiTC v. 11.1; Exact Couch w/IGRT Top; Approximately 700 beam hours
  • Console Software Version 9.01.01

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