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Featured Product: Varian 21iX-Silhouette Linear Accelerator with KV – Imaging

ROS is currently offering a rare opportunity to acquire a Silhouette edition 21iX linear accelerator. There are only one to three linear accelerators available per year in the pre-owned equipment market with this design and with KV technology.  This uniquely designed, low profile system caters to those facilities with limited vault space without hindering their ability to have state-of-the-art technology. 

Typically, solutions for external beam radiation therapy in smaller vaults are limited to “low energy” accelerators (i.e. Varian 6EX), which are not upgradable to KV technology.  This creates the perfect opportunity to upgrade to newer technology without the additional construction costs of a larger vault.


 ·       Manufactured in 2006

·       OBI (On Board Imager) ®

·       aS500-II Portal Vision (E-ARM)

·       Millennium 120 leaf MLC

·       IMRT Software (dMLC & AFS)

·       6&10 Photon Energies (10 MV can be disabled for shielding limitations)

·       6,9,12,16,20 Electron Energies

·       4DiTC v.11.1

·       Exact Couch

·       Console Software Version 7.6

·       Under 1,000 Beam Hours

If  your facility faces a similar challenge, please inquire with a ROS associate today for additional details and pricing.


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