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Five Must-Have Reasons Why CYRPA Lasers Should Be in Your Proton Therapy Center

Five Must-Have Reasons Why CYRPA Lasers Should Be in Your Proton Therapy Center

Today proton therapy is more popular than ever before. Most major population hubs in the U.S. either have a proton center, are building one, or are thinking about building one. Choosing the right patient positioning laser system to use in a proton therapy center is key to delivering the most accurate and precise treatment possible.

CYRPA’s superior patient positioning lasers synergizes perfectly with proton technology manufacturers systems, such as Mevion, Hitachi, IBA, and Varian, among others.

Reason #1: CYRPA lasers are changing the industry standard. 

A recent installation at a proton therapy site in the southern United States involved a total of 12 lasers per suite. CYRPA was the #1 choice. CYRPA’s HIT models have up to six mobile lasers in each system, and many standard features help reduce set-up times and accommodate a wide variety of patients and vault set-ups. 


Reason #2: Customizable to suit your technology — CYRPA can accommodate multi-isocenter vaults.

Proton vaults often have more than one isocenter to accommodate patients ranging in size from infants to adults, or for larger or irregular-shaped tumors. This adds complexity to the computational requirements for such vaults. A common layout in multi-isocenter vaults might, for example, be:

  • First isocenter: From gantry to head, providing superior treatment in 360° head treatment plans.
  • Second isocenter: 270mm down to treat head, neck, and upper torso tumors.
  • Third isocenter: 1 meter off of one side of gantry center, used for treating torso, pelvis, and lower extremities.


Reason #3: CYRPA’s dual diode technology provides flexibility in treating patients with varying complexions.  

CYRPA allows you to change from red to green lasers with the touch of a button on a tablet or computer, allowing for accommodation of more patients of differing skin tones. More than half of positioning lasers in treatment rooms around the United States have only red lasers, making treatment of dark skin tones more difficult. CYRPA lasers can switch from their red to green diode with ease. Blue is also a color option.


Reason #4: The ultimate in accuracy. 

The measure of a superior patient positioning laser system is dependent on its accuracy, precision and automation. CYRPA lasers provide a +/-0.1mm range of accuracy, which is paramount for a proton treatment centers and the patients they treat and the confidence clinicians demand.CYRPA_smart_phantom.jpg

Reason #5: Auto-calibration using CYRPA’s SmartPhantom technology. 

For both Linac Vaults and CT Sim rooms, CYRPA utilizes SmartPhantom technology which allows automatic calibration to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm in approximately 10 minutes. This technology is a Work in Progress (WIP) for the Proton Center as the number of Iso-Centers and laser positioning is customized to each room, such that the SmartPhantom has to be the custom built for each room.


For more information about CYRPA’s role in proton therapy centers, please feel free to contact our CYRPA product team here at Radiology Oncology Systems.

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