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Medical Physicists Prefer 6 & 10MV Photon Configuration

Medical Physicists Prefer 6 & 10MV Photon Configuration

In 2013, a survey was conducted among medical physicists and published on the Global Medical Physics list server.  The survey asked physicists which higher photon energy is preferred, primarily between 10MV, 12MV, 15MV and 18MV.

All linear accelerators manufactured today include the 6MV photon energy, which is the most widely used energy for performing IMRT.  However, higher photon energy options exist, and the selection can often be confusing.

Who better to ask than the medical physics community?  The results, we found, were surprising.  Given the choice to alter the energy pairs on their linear accelerators, physicists chose 10MV as the preferred second energy.

Before selecting an energy option, be sure to assess your patients’ clinical needs, confirm the selection with your physicists, and of course make sure you accommodate any shielding constraints.

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