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A Pre-Owned PET/CT Scanner Can Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars vs. Buying New

A Pre-Owned PET/CT Scanner Can Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars vs. Buying New

A PET/CT scanner combines the benefits of nuclear medicine with the clarity of x-ray imaging.  For radiation oncologists, this means identifying the tumor in a patient, and knowing precisely where it is located.  It’s a very powerful imaging modality, far superior in many cases to CT, X-Ray, or MRI, when dealing with cancer patients.

Although PET/CT is becoming an increasingly sought-after modality in radiation therapy, the relatively low patient load in the radiation therapy clinic makes the purchase of a PET/CT hard to justify for a practice.  After all, a cancer patient will get one or two PET/CT scans during the course of a radiation therapy treatment, yet may require up to 30 or more daily treatments (fractions) on a linear accelerator.

One solution is using a pre-owned PET/CT, like this Philips Gemini TF PET/CT that we recently installed.  The TF (Time of Flight) technology is considered state-of-the-art, and is highly sought after in the imaging market.

Why consider pre-owned PET/CT system from R.O.S.?:

1. Every single medical equipment system that is currently in use is considered “pre-owned,” regardless of its age. In reality, there is little stigma with buying pre-owned.

2. In the U.S., reimbursement rates from either CMS or insurers are exactly the same, whether you buy a brand new or pre-owned machine. Therefore, your ROI will be significantly higher.

3. R.O.S.’s expertise makes your purchase and installation hassle-free.

If you are considering adding a PET/CT to your practice, but can’t justify the cost, contact ROS to review your options.