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R.O.S. Helps Start New Radiation Oncology Clinic in Rural Pennsylvania

R.O.S. Helps Start New Radiation Oncology Clinic in Rural Pennsylvania

In what we consider a very exciting project, R.O.S. recently helped start a new cancer center in Pennsylvania. When the doctor in charge decided to take on opening a new clinic, he knew, after completing a previous project with us, that R.O.S. would be up to the challenge of providing the required equipment necessary.  And so, we did.

R.O.S. sold and installed a Varian iX Silhouette with OBI linear accelerator and a Toshiba Aquilion Large Bore CT Simulator.  The package also included patient positioning lasers, a power conditioner, a chiller, Safe CT XR29 (a proprietary dose management solution for CT scanners), and a treatment planning system from Prowess, Inc.

It is always a balancing act for a facility to receive quality and essential equipment without breaking the bank, and R.O.S. is proud to have been able to help this clinic start providing life saving radiation therapy while staying under their budget. In fact, we were able to outfit this facility with all the equipment they needed, for a fraction of the cost of brand new equipment.

The lower costs of quality, pre-owned equipment allows cancer treatment centers and diagnostic imaging centers to be able to operate with fewer patients.  This allows more centers to be built in rural areas, making it highly convenient for patients that live there.  Especially for radiation therapy treatments, that require patients to drive to the center and back every day for five to six weeks.

Now, patients in this community can spare themselves the drive to larger cities and hospitals for their cancer treatment and know that they are receiving the best quality care. We’re committed to helping doctors and clinics like this help more patients. If we can outfit your center, contact us at info@OncologySystems.com or visit our website at www.OncologySystems.com