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Removal and Disposal of Gamma Knife Perfexion

Removal and Disposal of Gamma Knife Perfexion

The Elekta Gamma Knife Perfexion is a state-of the art machine which uses highly radioactive, but very well-controlled, sources to destroy tumors in the brain. It’s one of the technological wonders in the world of cancer treatment.

This machine needed removal/disposal from a major hospital in the United States, and ROS’s project management team came into action.


Radioactive sources decay over time, and eventually must be removed and disposed. In the case of this machine, all 192 cobalt-60 sources had to be carefully, professionally, and most importantly, safely, removed. This is no easy feat and requires considerable planning, specialized tools, strong regulatory oversight, and a high level of expertise in this type of equipment.

Due to the sensitive nature of highly radioactive sources, special permits were required to execute this removal. Temporary security barriers must be set up to ensure no unauthorized or unescorted access to the area is possible. Armed law enforcement officers were required to provide security for the sources when moved into a special, DOT authorized truck.  Even SWAT Team escorts were used to move the sources out of the county.

ROS specializes in all types of radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging equipment and can help with your next equipment removal project.

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