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Replace an X-Ray Tube or Upgrade the CT Scanner?

Replace an X-Ray Tube or Upgrade the CT Scanner?

A clinic in eastern Nebraska recently had its CT Scanner’s x-ray tube fail.  This meant it was unable to simulate its patients prior to radiation therapy, and so it had to outsource this service—something highly inconvenient for both patients and clinicians.

There were two options:  Replace the x-ray tube and spend tens of thousands of dollars on a replacement.  Or instead use that money to upgrade and replace its CT scanner, to a later, faster model.  They chose the latter option and called the R.O.S. team to assist.

The end result:  Out came the older, four-slice CT Scanner.  In came a newer, 16-slice, large bore CT.  The R.O.S. team was on the move, and the clinic was back on its feet and imaging patients in no time.

The larger bore on the CT Scanner makes it more convenient for patients to be scanned along with immobilization devices (breast boards require the patient to be imaged at an angle, and hence a large bore is needed).

X-ray tubes, like light bulbs, are designed to last a certain period of time, and after a while, they fail.  Some such tubes can cost significantly more than an entire CT Scanner.  In these cases, the sum of the parts is significantly more than the whole!

R.O.S. prides itself in helping facilities in need. The more time it takes to fix a problem, the more patients that are inconvenienced and unable to receive the treatment they need.  Through expediting these processes, we strive to help doctors better serve their patients and to be a part of the global network of medical professionals helping to save lives every day.

If you expect your CT machine may be nearing its end or wish to upgrade your facility’s equipment, please reach out to our team at info@oncologysystems.com or at (858) 454-8100. We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can help your practice, one machine at a time.